There aren’t any shortcuts to success and difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. ‘The Outbooks Journey’ is an example of how perseverance and never give up attitude are what’s needed for success as the UK-based Accounting Outsourcing firm launches its first office in Australia after serving Accountants in the UK for around 10 years. 

Currently, the company serves more than 100+ Accountants, serving 10,000+ end clients in the UK and has over 200+ specialised team members. They successfully file 12,000+ self-assessments per annum and have extensive software capabilities like Xero, Quickbooks Online, Nomisma and many more.

Why Australia?

When asked about Outbooks’ expansion to Australia, Amit Agarwal, Managing Director Outbooks UK said that Australia is a huge market with more than 200,000 Accountants and we saw an opportunity here. Moreover, the UK Accounting and Australian accounting industry are very similar at their core which makes Australia the right avenue for us to enter into.

About Outbooks Australia:

We have appointed Karan Bhalla as our partner & Senior Advisor in Australia. He will be managing and leading our team there. With 12 plus years of professional experience, Karan is a CPA and works as the Senior Accountant at Koustas + Co. He will be working closely and take over the responsibilities of delivering management and tax reporting while being compliant. He is a skilled and result-oriented Accountant who has a strong experience in developing multiple strategic business solutions to enable an effective and positive client outcome

About Outbooks:

Started in 2011, Outbooks set out in its journey to empower Accountants in the UK by understanding the various challenges they had to overcome in order to keep pace with other industry experts and deliver value to their clients. Outbooks offers Accounting Outsourcing services to these accountants, thereby offering them a window to focus more on high-yield accounting tasks. 

Website: Outbooks Australia

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