Outsourcing Services for Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

Tailored outsourcing solutions to meet client's business needs

Delivering a broad spectrum of bookkeeping & accounting outsourcing services in the Ireland.

Save Over 50% on Costs

Save over 50% on costs

With saved time, you can focus on core business and gain a competitive edge with sophisticated technology and people. Not having a full-time staff saves money on office space, electricity costs, and monthly payroll expenses. Free up internal resources for mission-critical activities

Manage Seasonal Needs

Manage Seasonal needs

You get the freedom to scale up and down depending upon your needs. For example, if you need more than one accountant and bookkeeper to handle your finances this year, you can ask them without having to hire anyone permanently.

Quality & Certainty Delivered

Quality & Certainty delivered

Gain access to cutting-edge technology solutions and world-class quality work. Returns prepared by an experienced tax outsourcing provider will be of the same or higher quality than returns prepared by the firm’s existing staff.


Remote bookkeeping services keep clients' books in perfect order, updated as per agreed/desired turnaround time, and do not interrupt routine operations.

We assist you with the timely computation of various types of tax.

Clutter-free, cost-efficient, & hassle-free submission of year-end accounts & CT returns to avail legitimate exemptions fully.

We help keep you compliant, manage your regulatory risk and provide transparency (both in-country and across borders), allowing you to focus on your ambitions.

We offer an efficient, accurate and secure payroll experience fully compliant with HMRC and BAC.

Management Accounts

Management Accounts

KPIs & crisp real-time reports to help clients gain an edge over the competition, charting a path to steady growth & expansion across domains.

Why choose us?

Wealth of Experience
Certification & Compliances
Tangible Value

Outsource to Outbooks


End clients being Serviced


Specialised team members


Self-Assessments per annum


Payslips per month

Certification & Compliances

What you get

Reports with well defined SLA & KPIs

Focus on growing your practice

Ability to scale your team as & when needed

Flexible Engagement Models

Security & Confidentiality        

Dedicated Account manager

Save over 50% on costs          

24*7 support over Phone & Email

10 Hours Free trial                      


Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers take care of the daily management of accounts and transactions, thus saving your precious time. A bookkeeper gives you a clear understanding of cash flow and how operations affect your bottom line is essential. Outbooks is a leading offshore accounting & bookkeeping firm in Ireland. Our experts will proficiently take over your work and provide precise records within a set time.

What are the benefits of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping?

The two main advantages of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping are effectiveness and good economics.

  1. Cost Reduction
  2. Quick capacity addition
  3. No employee management-related challenges
  4. Knowledge of multiple software platforms
Why should I choose Outbooks over others?

Five things differentiate us from others:

  1. Internal training department to provide you with a trained resource
  2. GDPR compliant and a protection policy- Outbooks follows GDPR guidelines, and every employee signs the GDPR and data protection policy
  3. Outbooks offers AML training to its employees, and our employees understand its liability to HMRC
  4. Our vast bench strength at all times makes sure there is no delay in work due to sudden resignation or when work of flow is more
  5. ACCA recognises us
Do you offer free trials?

We do; give us one task that is as long as 10 hours of work.

How do Outbooks ensure the staff remains updated on the new regulatory changes?

Everybody we hire has a relevant experience of 5 years. Every worker goes through three months, excluding on-the-job training and monthly training sessions with industry experts. We work together with ACCA and ICAEW. Our firm is Xero, Recipient Bank, & QuickBooks certified.

How will you keep my data secure?

You should know that Outbooks is a BSI-accredited and ISI-regulated firm; it assists us with checking and working on our methods and cycles. We leverage regular audits from experts to keep up with complete quality control. Our interior inspectors confirm the proficiency and viability of our processes and modify them. We are a GDPR-compliant firm and follow an end-to-end encryption mode of communication.

What will you do in my Year-End accounts and CT returns?

Our outsourced accountants from India will timely submit your Year-end accounts, and CT returns to avoid any penalties thrown by HMRC. From Capabilities FRS 102/102A, FRS 105, Conversion to new standards, Corporation Tax Returns and Sole Trader and Partnership Accounts, our bookkeepers are well-trained and ever ready to help you in tough times.

What will I get when I refer your firm to other accountants?

We offer three significant plans in our Referral Program: Silver, Gold and Platinum Plan. In our Silver Plan, you can refer up to five firms and get £100 per lead, in the Gold plan, you can refer six to 10 firms and obtain £300 per lead. Lastly, in our platinum plan, you can get £500 per lead for every 11th to 20th referral.

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