Assisting businesses in overcoming tax challenges and achieving stress-free compliance.

Outsourcing VAT in Malta

VAT and taxes are two critical factors for a business's efficient operation. At Outbooks, we work directly with you to deliver the best VAT services and guidance tailored to your needs.

Anyone registered in Malta, whether a corporation, a partnership, or a self-employment enterprise, must comply with Value Added Tax (VAT) rules. Accounting Services in Malta's accounting and VAT team can ensure that your VAT work is completed promptly and adequately, per VAT legislation. Our technique guarantees that your company meets all its statutory duties under Maltese VAT legislation. Hence, outsourcing your VAT requirements with Outbooks can be profitable for your business in Malta.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Service

VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a consumption tax applied to most goods and services sold in Malta. The standard VAT rate in Malta is 18%, but some reduced rates apply to certain goods and services.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of VAT services to help businesses in Malta comply with the latest regulations, including:

VAT Registration: If your business sells goods or services in Malta, you may need to register for VAT. The registration process is relatively simple, and we can help you through it.

VAT Returns: You must file VAT returns every quarter if registered for VAT. We can help you prepare your VAT returns and file them correctly.

VAT Refunds: If you are a business that exports goods or services, you may be eligible for a VAT refund. We can help you claim your VAT refunds and ensure that you receive them promptly.

VAT Compliance Consulting: We also offer VAT compliance consulting services to help businesses stay updated on the latest regulations. We can help you with the following VAT services:

  • Understanding the Maltese VAT regulations
  • Complying with the latest regulations
  • Avoiding penalties

Our Pricing System

Our pricing depends on the size and complexity of your business; also, we have many engagement models that suit your choices. You can choose from a variety of pricing offers that fit your budget.

Benefits of Using Our VAT Services

  1. Stay on the Top
    You are always on top of all your needs thanks to comprehensive tax legislation, rates, and a compliant database.
  2. Be Compliant
    Outbooks can help you comply with Malta's relevant VAT laws and regulations. This includes filing VAT returns on time and accurately and keeping your VAT records up-to-date.
  3. Keep Growing
    With technology assisting you in overcoming regulatory hurdles, businesses can concentrate on expanding into new areas and attracting new clients.
  4. Greater Accuracy
    Outbooks can help you keep your VAT records accurate and current. This is important for ensuring that you are paying the correct amount of VAT and that you are not at risk of being audited by the Maltese authorities.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of experienced accountants and VAT experts dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. We are committed to understanding your business needs and will work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your requirements.

We are experts in Maltese VAT regulations and will update you on the latest changes. We are sure we can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Need Assitance to understand what services are best for you?

Please speak with our team today and get the best solution for your VAT compliance.


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