Our Flexible Engagement Models


How does our Per FTE Engagement Model work?

We allow you to conduct interviews with prospective full-time employees before we assign them to you.
All our full-time employees have access to a desktop computer, a mobile phone, and other essential tools to ensure they work effectively remotely.
Our employees are available from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday, facilitating smooth collaboration and prompt project completion.
The FTE is considered an extension of your team and reports directly to you. You can monitor and direct every aspect of their work and output.
We allow you to switch out underperforming employees anytime to ensure you have the best possible workforce.
All our full-time employees have extensive training and experience, with many degrees in commerce.
We have ACCAs on hand for positions that need accounting expertise.
They are entitled to US leave annually.

The Advantages of our Per FTE Engagement Model

Save up to 35% and better manage your finances.
Reduces overhead.
No employee management.
Simplified administrative processes.
Rapid expansion to meet the ever-evolving needs of your company.

Per Hour

How does our Per Hour Engagement Model work?

Outbooks hourly engagement model offers flexibility and convenience to meet customers’ needs without any long-term commitment.
No fixed commitment to the use of our hourly engagement model. You are not obligated to use our services for any minimum or maximum period.
You can work on an hourly basis instead of getting an FTE.
We give weekly timesheets outlining the hours spent on each job to guarantee open communication and precise invoicing.
The separation of time spent on bookkeeping activities and confirmation statements from the time spent on accounting to aid in precise invoicing and proper resource allocation.
Our hourly engagement model reduces the time and hassle of quoting, agreeing on a price, and getting started on a project. You can instantly begin using our services, simplifying the procedures and saving time.

The Advantages of our Per Hour Engagement Model

Relationship starting is made simple with Per Hour Engagement Model.
You can experience our knowledge and skill without commitment.
Save up to 40%.
We guarantee that your purchased hours will never expire.
Streamlined process.

Why Outsource to Outbooks?

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Dedicated Account Manager

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Phone and Email Support

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