Outbooks is your ultimate destination for all your company secretarial needs. We help businesses save time and comply with all rules and regulations regardless of size. We offer holistic company secretarial services for everything you need to launch, grow and run your business successfully. Because we know each company has its requirements, and we strive to provide unique offerings to each of us.

Company Secretarial: What Do We Do?

Outbooks has an expert team for providing the best company secretarial services according to the client’s needs. We will handle everything from forming your company to secretary duties to directors, filing annual reports, and managing statutory documents. Our expert team will help you keep your firm in line with all applicable laws and standards while you can run your business hassle-free.

We value your effort and time; therefore, we offer efficient service based on your needs at affordable pricing. Outbooks is your best bet for cost-effective and expert company secretarial services. Call us today to get to know more about our company secretarial services to take your business to the next level!

Our Exclusive Capabilities

Company Formation

Clearing numerous legal and regulatory hurdles are crucial before forming a new company. We know this could be a challenging process; Outbooks offers full-featured company formation services to facilitate the launch of your new enterprise.

We help you choose the best legal framework for your company, considering your unique objectives and scenarios. With our specialist, you can be sure to prepare and file your paperwork per all applicable regulations. We will take care of the registration, articles of organization or incorporation, and license acquisition processes so you can zero in on growing your firm.

Board Support and Meeting Administration

Our board support and meeting administration solutions will help your organization run more smoothly and efficiently. We ensure the board’s agendas are detailed and aligned with the company’s goals. Also, we guarantee the timely and accurate sharing of meeting materials with directors and shareholders.

We ensure orderly meetings and precise minute-taking during board gatherings, recording all relevant discussions and actions. We help develop board resolutions, keep detailed records of board activities necessary to meet regulatory standards, and quickly retrieve relevant information. We strengthen your board’s ability to make good decisions for your company.

Statutory Compliance

We provide statutory compliance services to keep your business in good standing with the regulations. Our experts are always up to date on the most recent regulatory changes. We ensure that preparing and filing your annual reports on time and precisely fulfilling your reporting requirements.

We keep track of director and member information in detail, including changes for reporting to appropriate authorities. Our experts also manage your share transactions and ensure you follow regulations. We have the knowledge and experience to guarantee that your firm fully complies with all applicable laws.

Share Capital and Shareholder Matters

Keeping track of its capital and other shareholder matters can take time and effort as a company expands and develops. Outbooks assist you in better managing your company’s share capital, and shareholder matters with complete solutions. To ensure the appropriate recording of your company’s share capital and by all applicable legislation, we assist you in preparing and filing share allotment documents.

We assist in keeping your company’s share register up-to-date and handle all aspects of share transfer, from drafting to filing the paperwork to compliance. We can also help you write or revise a shareholder agreement that suits your needs and handles shareholder relationships.

Why Choose Outbooks Company Secretarial Services for Your Business in the USA?

Our seasoned professional at Outbooks is well-versed in the many regulations that regulate businesses in the USA. We can steer you across the maze of rules and ensure your company is fully compliant.

We handle everything from sharing transactions, keeping statutory registers, and filing annual reports. Our proficiency guarantees the timely completion of these vital responsibilities with precision.

Outbooks place a premium on privacy and confidentiality, so we use secure protocols and systems to safeguard your company’s sensitive data. Your information is safe with us so that you can rest easily. Choose Outbooks to make a well-informed choice that serves your company’s goals.


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What are the company secretarial services’ primary duties?

The primary duties are to draft and file statutory documents, keep records, monitor compliance, communicate with shareholders, assist the board of directors, etc.

When should company secretarial services be outsourced?

When you want to save time and money while still being compliant with regulations that apply to your business, outsourcing your company’s secretarial services is the way to go.

What will be the cost of company secretarial services?

The cost of these services can vary widely based on the scope and complexity of your business. At Outbooks, we offer customized services at affordable pricing.

How can I keep my business following all applicable regulations?

Working with a seasoned and trustworthy company secretarial services like Outbooks is the best method to guarantee your business complies with all applicable regulations.

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