Transforming Accounting with Neural Network

Accounting Process Automation is Modernizing Accounting processes to reduce human error and enable greater productivity through self learning artificial intelligence accounting system. Our cloud based solution automates classification of various accounting transactions in real time, thereby helping reduce time and costs drastically.

It’s time to move beyond outdated accounting processes and solutions, and empower your teams to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Efficient
    Upto 70% reduction in Processing Time and Cost
  • Interoperable
    Easily integrates with your Accounting Software
  • Secure
    Hosted on AWS with Bank Grade Security in place
  • Self Learning
    Artificial Intelligence done right to learn and operate quickly.

Increased Productivity

Gone are the days of manual data input and the repeated time intensive, mundane processes that inhibit the potential of an accountant. Save Countless hours and get accounts sorted in a jiffy using the our Accounting Process Automation. Utilize the time for continuous learning, analytics & reporting, and catering to new clients.



Increased Accuracy

Free from human tear and wear, make sure you get the numbers right in one go. Define rules and automatically import and classify repetitive tasks, making sure your operations are error free.



Continuos Learning

Our Neural network based system is always learning allowing teams to go about doing their work worry free, and Outbooks AI will invisibly take care of your changing requirements.

Choice of Integrations

It’s to automate tough repetitive, high volume, error-prone processes!
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